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Multicultural Education

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In today's world, interaction between the different cultures is all but certain. At one time, the idea of each cultural group focusing only on their own heritage was considered the way to go to preserve their heritage. This idea however is now beginning to be supplemented by the idea that the students are better served by the implementation of multicultural education. Over the years, many administrators and teaches have discovered a number of reasons why this education helps expand the knowledge base and overall understanding of the world around them.

Affect on the Students

One of the main reasons why implementing multicultural education is a great idea is how it affects the students. Recent studies have shown that an education rich in different cultures allow them to have a more empathic outlook on the world around them. In addition, the majority of students who take part in an education program such as this appear to have a stronger cognitive understanding of the lessons and knowledge presented in class.

Affect on the Teachers

Another reason why multicultural education should be implemented in the classroom is how it affects the teachers. With the introduction of new students every year, and the associated cultures, teachers have to deal with more and more unique situations. By allowing this type of education to flourish in the classroom, the teachers are encouraged to learn more about their students in an attempt to reach them in ways they can relate. That way, the lesson plans will be more successful, and the education process more satisfying.

Of course, implementing multicultural education is not always easy. While the overall ideas and values of different cultures can be presented in the classroom, it's rare that each different culture can be given the time that it needs for the students and teachers to truly understand where their fellow students come from. Perhaps the best idea for bringing multicultural education to the classroom is to take a month for each culture and focus the lesson plan of the day around that chosen culture.

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