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Military Schools

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Military schools have a long history. Their planning began all the way back in 1776, under the oversight of President John Adams. He appointed a committee consisting of five members to come up with a plan for a national military school.

The first military school, still in existence today, was West Point, first being used as a military post, boasting home to none other than General George Washington. It wasn’t until 1802 that West Point began to be used for academic purposes. The school strived to instill honorable conduct, and military discipline, as well as benefiting young men academically.

Benefits provided by men in this military school were the building of railway lines, roads, bridges, and harbors.

A modern day change to the school’s standards is they now allow women to attend.

Military schools promote receiving quality education, and lately they have been used to deal with defiant, troubled teenagers. They use physical and emotional means to strive to teach their “cadets” respect, not only for others, but for themselves, as well.

The first few weeks involve rigorous training. This aids in evaluating each teen as to his needs for self-improvement. After that, there are personal development courses designed to help troubled teens change negative thoughts and habits into those that are beneficial.

Military schools also promote leadership. Thoughts are that with this type confidence cadets can begin making better moral choices, resulting in better behavior in their own home environment.

Military schools experienced a decline in popularity in recent years, but are now enjoying resurgence. With conditions deteriorating in many public schools parents are seeking alternatives. They also worry about after school hours, when because of heavy workloads and extra on the job hours their children are home alone, undisciplined. Military schools offer a choice.

Successful education, no matter in a public or military school depends on the student’s understanding that this is the foundation of their lives. How much effort they put into it is up to them.

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