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Middle School

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When a child is ready to graduate from grammar school into middle school there are a few things that a parent will want to consider. Children can adapt to new situations very easily. In fact, in some cases children deal better with change than adults do. However, the shift from being in grammar school to middle school can be difficult for a child.

One of the first considerations for many parents is which middle school they will send their child to. Your child will probably insist on going to the same school that many of their friends will be attending but it’s important for you to consider all the possibilities.

Many schools cater to children who have a focused interest. If your child loves drama you may want to consider a middle school that has a strong arts program. If your child loves studying a particular foreign language, than a school that offers an immersion program should be looked at.

Once you do decide on the school, find out whether or not they have an open house. An open house will give your child the chance to see the inside of the school and get a feel for their new environment. Many schools have open houses for both prospective students and parents in the spring. You should take advantage of this as it gives your child an introduction they wouldn’t otherwise have.

The schedule in middle school differs from grammar school and this can take a bit of getting used to. Most children will complain for a time about having to give up recess, but remind them that they are gaining more independence at the new school.

Once school does start remember to ask your child about their day each and every day. This will help you to understand how they are feeling as well as giving you some insight into any potential problems they are having with other students or teachers.

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