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Middle School Cheerleaders

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Being a teenage girl isn’t always an easy thing. There are many things to consider including schoolwork, boys and of course hair and make-up. For many girls they find a lot of fun and friendship when they become one of the middle school cheerleaders.

When most of us think of cheerleaders, we think of the young women who represent professional sports teams. However, young girls and boys are finding it beneficial to become one of the middle school cheerleaders at their school.

The try-out process to become one of the middle school cheerleaders is usually very similar to becoming a high school cheerleader. A group of teachers will hold auditions that allow the interested children the chance to show off their skills.

Most teachers who are in charge of the middle school cheerleaders understand that the focus of the squad isn’t just on team spirit. There is a kinship that exists between the cheerleaders and being part of the group can really help boost a child’s self-esteem.

In many smaller schools, almost everyone who tries out for the squad will become a member. This includes both boys and girls. Although some children are naturally more athletic and are skilled in doing all types of gymnastic moves, the other children are given the chance to learn dance moves and cheers as well.

The outfits worn by the children, is of course much more modest than it is for more mature squads. Usually a pair of gym shorts coupled with a school t-shirt is all that is required. A good pair of running shoes will help ensure that the child won’t be facing any ankle or foot injuries.

For parents of children interested in joining the cheerleader program at their middle school, encouragement and support are key. Help your child in any way you can and support them whether or not they make the squad.

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