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Medical Schools

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Many pre-med students worry each year whether they will be able to get into good medical schools. There are a few things you can do to ensure medical schools want you as a student.

You should have at least two years of Latin in college, but preferably four years if possible. Latin is very important to know since most medical terminology is based on Latin terms. Without taking Latin, you will be behind many other students. If possible, take a class in medical terminology. In this class, you will learn the Greek and Latin roots that make up medical terms. Any understanding you can have of the history of medicine and science, such as information about Aristotle, Hippocrates or Glen, will be beneficial.

You must take certain prerequisites in college in order to attend medical schools. Courses such as chemistry, biology, and anatomy are necessary. You will want to consult with your advisor to make sure you are taking all the right courses for pre-med. You must also study hard and try to have as high of a grade point average (GPA) as you possibly can. You are competing against countless other students also hoping to get into medical schools, so an outstanding GPA may help single you out among everyone else. In addition to a high GPA, you must also do well on the MCAT. The MCAT is the exam all pre-med students must take before attending medical school. It consists of areas in writing, verbal reasoning, biological sciences, and physical sciences. The Association of American Medical Colleges sponsors the MCAT testing.

Finally, the best pre-med subject to major in to guarantee you get into medical schools is anything science related such as chemistry, physics, anatomy, or biology. You may also want to consider majoring in Latin, Classical Greek and Latin, or history (specifically the history of science).

Getting into medical schools is tough, but if you take the right steps during college, you will have a much better chance of getting in.

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