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Medical Schools

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When deciding upon a career in medicine, your first decision will be in choosing from a list of medical schools. There are some questions that you should ask before choosing a medical school to ensure that you are making the best and most well informed decision. Medical schools are necessary for training those who will lead the future medical industry. It is important to recognize that medicine and its practices differ across the globe, and learning medicine in one country may differ significantly in another. This has its drawbacks and benefits. It is most vital to learn medicine in the country where you intend to practice. If you are going to practice medicine in another country, after obtaining your training in your home region, you may benefit from additional training before working overseas. Learning another countries traditional medical practices can enhance your practice when working overseas.

When interested in going to medical school, you will first need to take an admissions test to see if you qualify for entrance into the school. The test that is taken for entrance into medical schools is called the Medical College Admission Test, or MCAT for short. It is also generally required that the student will have already attained either a four year bachelor’s degree in a related field, or three years of undergraduate study. Because of the prerequisites involved, most students can expect to devote between 6-8 years on their education before obtaining a medical degree.

Before choosing a medical school, you will need to consider funding and cost. Student loan programs and scholarships are available to help meet the great expense of attending medical schools. The field of medicine is not only lucrative but it serves and meets the needs of humans. It is one of the most rewarding and beneficial careers and is the lifelong dream of many people.

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