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Medical School

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Attending medical school has been many people dreams. The ability to obtain the goal of becoming a doctor takes much time and patience. Many people may already know which school they may attend, but others may not. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has an excellent medical school. The first and only public medical school in Massachusetts was founded in 1962. It was to provide affordable, high quality medical education to state residents and to also help increase the number of primary care physicians in underserved areas of the state. Even to this day, the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) holds on to the pioneering spirit that attracted its faculty and students. UMMS has truly made an excellent name for themselves. They have been noted as becoming the nation’s top 50 medical schools.

Though the medical school was established in 1962, it accepted its first class in 1970. Since then, its primary goal and responsibility has been to provide the best education possible to their medical students. For the 100 students enrolled in each class, the School of Medicine is committed to training in full range of medical disciplines. Because of UMMS dedication to each students and staff to give an excellent education, this medical school has been awarded the Robert Wood Johnson Generalist Physician Initiative grant and if provided with $2.5 million dollars in funding to support training in the primary care disciplines.

UMMS is located in Worcester, Massachusetts and is one of five University of Massachusetts campuses. The universities academic health science center alone has ranked fourth in the nation in primary care education in the 2006.This medical school has been reported in U.S, News and World Report’s as being “America’s best graduate school”. The medical school’s founding education objective was to provide high quality and accessible medical education to residents of Massachusetts. They wanted to grow the graduate education in biomedical sciences and nursing, as well as other allied health professions including continuing education for health care practitioners.

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