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Learning Styles

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Do you learn better by reading written instructions, or do you need illustrations or drawings to “get” the concept? Generally speaking, there are three main types of learning styles, which include visual, auditory and tactile. Not sure which learning style fits you? Then read on.

Visual: Learning styles are not all the same. If you learn better by seeing, or visualization, then your learning style is visual. People who fall into this category of the different learning styles can pick up new concepts best when they are can see a person’s body language or even facial expressions. If this describes you, then you do best when you can review diagrams, the written word, videos or pictures.

Auditory: The next of the different types of learning styles is auditory. That means that you learn faster when you are exposed to verbal lectures, discussions and listening. Not only are the words that you hear are important to you, but you also learn by listening to the speaker’s pitch, speed and tone of voice.

Tactile: This learning style is also called kinesthetic. This means that you can learn by touching, doing and moving. If this learning style applies to you, then you will learn best when you are able to have a hands-on experience over sitting and listening for a long period of time.

Not all people fall into these learning styles. In fact, many people may learn better using different styles depending on the subject. However, when you are able to determine the most common and best way you learn, you can help yourself better academically. Knowing which one fits you will help you pay better attention when you learn a new task or skill. If you have children, you can also help them learn faster when you know which learning style best fits him or her.

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