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Learning Japanese

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Before learning Japanese you should understand that learning this language is more difficult than many others you might choose. Many languages are relatively easy, including Spanish or Italian. But Japanese has a reputation for being especially hard for native English speakers to become skilled at. Most of the difficulty lies in the writing system, which is so completely different from what native English speakers are used to. This should not deter you from learning; perhaps it will prepare you that this language will not be mastered in a few weeks.

Unlike most languages learning Japanese often requires the student to understand the culture of the country before they understand how to speak the language. This is because how you speak to someone and what the circumstances are when you’re talking make a big difference in which words you choose. The Japanese culture itself is so different from those of native English speakers. Some differences in the language can make it easier to learn. For example, Japanese does not have the same gender rules as English nor does it deal with plurals the same way.

Despite the fact that learning Japanese is supposed to be such a challenge there many services out there ready to help you through it. Many of the language courses available on the Internet are aimed particularly at native English speakers. They are often free and even the ones that cost are very reasonably priced. Once you feel you are getting the hang of it they will even arrange for you to have a live conversation with a native Japanese speaker. This will better test your skills and see if you are able to converse in the language you’ve been working so hard to learn.

If you are learning Japanese for business reasons, because you are planning on working in Japan or least with more Japanese business associates, there are many easy ways to learn the business aspects of the language. As a matter of fact there are many language services that pride themselves on being able to teach you just what you need to learn. If you tell them you are in technology, finance or fashion they will gear your lessons towards being able to communicate your business ideas and needs.

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