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Learning HTML

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Before you can take a course on learning html you should understand what it is. First of all, html stands for hypertext markup language. Swiss scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented it in 1990. He was the same person who invented the World Wide Web. Html is the code, hidden so it is not seen, that is used to communicate through the World Wide Web. To use it you need to be able to use a browser. A browser is what you use to surf the net with. The html adds invisible instructions to tell a page what and how to show words and graphics.

One way to help understand what you are trying to do when learning html is to examine the work done by someone else. The easiest way to do this is to go online, pick website you really like and then get ready to take a closer look. You’ll do this by first going to the toolbar and clicking on view. Once you have done this you’ll next click on source. It won’t take much time before you’re looking at the concealed html code. This is a great opportunity to help you learn by seeing what others do to make their websites.

One of the neat things about learning html is that you don’t have to buy any special software to learn how to do it; you simply use what is already loaded on to your computer. When writing html code you must remember to put it in the angle brackets otherwise it won’t work. When you are learning it will be explained to you that the code you write is not case sensitive. This means that you can use lower case or capital letters, it doesn’t matter which one you choose it will work for both.

Learning html is really not that difficult. You can find many websites on the Internet that will offer step by step courses for free that will teach a person how to make an exceptional website by using html code. There are even courses aimed specifically at kids. The World Wide Web is ever changing but it is here to stay so if you’re ready to put up your own website so you can promote a business or hobby now is the time to consider learning html.

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