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Why should you learn to type? Simply stated, learning to type is one of those little life skills that will always come in handy. You will be able to work more efficiently, complete tasks more quickly and accurately, leaving you with free time for more important tasks. Learning to type also allows more room for creativity. Your brain will always move faster than your body. Learning to type proficiently allows your hands to catch up a bit. Most above-average typists can produce 50 to 100 words per minute (wpm). Imagine typing 50 wpm with ease and skill—you can with a bit of dedication and practice.

One of the best ways to learn to type is through the touch-typing technique. Touch-typing is exactly what it sounds like: you use the touch of your fingertips to differentiate the keys. With practice, your fingers automatically know how to position themselves over the keyboard, and your fingers learn the location of each key. When practicing through the touch-typing technique, you watch the computer screen as you type. Of course, if you are just beginning you will have to look down at the keyboard at times, but in order to become a proficient typist you must practice this touch-typing technique.

In order to learn to type, you must accept the fact that you will be a slow typist when you first begin. That's OK! It will take a few weeks before you see any kind of dramatic improvement. In order to learn to type through the touch-type method, you will have to start off slowly so that your body can "learn" and remember all the appropriate keystrokes. To learn to type with greater ease, purchase a software program that allows you practice using games and tests. This makes the process of learning to type easier, more fun, and allows you to gauge your progress.

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