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Learn To Play Guitar

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Many of us have an interest in music, dance or the arts but find it difficult to take pursue any of these due to various constraints including those of time and resources. But now it is much easier to do these things. If you wish to learn to play guitar, you can join classes at your local community center or maybe even take private classes. If you do not have the financial means to pay for expensive lessons, don’t fret. The internet is a rich source for those who wish to learn to play guitar.

First, of course, you will need a guitar and it would be best to get a used one at first since you are just a beginner. A good one could be bought once you learn to play guitar. Remember that guitars come in two broad categories - acoustic guitars and electric guitars. So, first decide the kind you want to play. There is no age for you to learn to play guitar and anyone from six-year-olds to sixty-year-olds can master the art with a little concentration and plenty of practice. Many people like to learn to play the bass guitar as well.

Fifteen minutes of practice each day is good enough and soon you will be able to graduate from the basic level to more complex lessons. First you will need to know the different parts of the guitar, the names of the strings, the method of tuning the instrument and playing simple scales. The manner in which you hold a guitar is also something that needs to be learned.

Tuning a guitar is a slightly tedious task, but it gets better with time and practice. Playing a guitar for a long time can be physically straining. So, it is important that you do some warm up exercises designed for this purpose before playing your guitar continuously for a long time. Strumming is often another problem area for many beginners. After you get it you'll be glad you picked up this wonderful musical instrument and hopefully so will your friends and family!

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