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Learn to Fly

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To learn to fly is the dream of many, but the accomplishment of few. It doesn't have to be this way, though. If you really want to learn to fly, all you need is a fair amount of determination and more than a fair amount of training. Of course, this is not one hobby that comes cheaply. Flying lessons can be quite pricey, but amateur private flyers everywhere agree that the price is well worth it. The sensation of navigating above city and country below is exhilarating, and nothing can compare to it.

Where can you go to learn to fly? If you don't know of any local flight schools, visit your local airport. If possible, speak to the airport manager. If you do know of any local flight schools, gather all the information about the school and its flight instructors that you can. Important considerations include the type of aircraft they have, flight lesson fees, the plane maintenance policies, insurance coverage information, and information about the flight instructors. If possible, interview the flight instructor that you would be working with. Remember that you'll be spending many hours with this person, so it's important that you find someone that you are comfortable with.

Learning to fly is a process that requires a serious commitment, and the requirements for an airplane private pilot license reflect this commitment. To learn to fly is just the first step in becoming a private pilot: to obtain a private pilot's license represents the fulfillment of several important requirements. Basic requirements include a log of at least 40 hours of flying time, a FAA third-class medical certificate, at least 20 hours with an instructor, and 10 hours of solo flight. Candidates must also pass the FAA written test and flight exam. Candidates must also be at least 17 years old.

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