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Learn to Dance

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Do you watch old Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire movies and sigh? Do you watch the dancers on Dancing with the Stars with envy? Do you wish you could bust a move on the dance floor at all the hot clubs? If you would like to learn to dance, you are not alone. Many people are signing up for dance classes to learn how to dance. If you are hesitant or even scared of learning to dance, here are a few tips to get you started.

Many people have had bad experienced dancing. Maybe you remember a particularly embarrassing moment on the dance floor, and this has kept you from wanting to learn to dance. Maybe you've just never held an interest, but have a spouse or significant other who loves to dance. Whatever the case, always remember that the best way to learn to dance is to fake it. Find a place that plays the kind of music you like, and move to the rhythm and beat as if you were alone. Simply let the music guide your body. Remember that moving your body is just plain fun, and you don't have to be the world's best dancer to have fun.

If you think you need more guidance in order to learn to dance, pay a visit to your neighborhood YMCA or recreation center and sign up for a dance class of your choice. Many community colleges also offer dancing lessons. Speaking of the YMCA, another great way to get started is to get on the dance floor when popular songs like YMCA are playing. These songs are linked to dance steps and moves that are easy to execute, and fun to do. You will also probably feel less self conscious since the dance floor tends to become crowded while these songs are being played.

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