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Learn to Dance Hip Hop

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Do you remember the mid to late 1980s when new dance crazes were sweeping the nation? Do you remember the young street dancers who would gather in large groups to learn to dance hip hop from one another? Of course, in those days it was called break-dance or b-boying and it was mostly done by young African Americans.

While this form of hip hop had been around since the 1970s, it was not until the MTV generation of the 1980s discovered the music videos that it broke into the mainstream awareness. Soon droves of youths were seen gathering in an attempt to learn to dance hip hop, which for the uninitiated looks like a mixture of high powered aerobic exercises, impossible gymnastic moves, some martial arts moves, and a well choreographed liquidity that makes the dancers look more like acrobats than simple performers.

With the emergence of Hip Hop music, a newer style of dance was born as well. No longer called break dancing, which required a lot of floor work, the newer versions of this dance are referred to as “Harlem shake,” “hill toe,” “clown walk,” and a number of other varieties. Those eager to learn to dance hip hop no longer gather on street corners or at spontaneous get-togethers, but instead study their moves under the practiced supervision of actual dance instructors. As a matter of fact, if you are truly serious about wanting to learn to dance hip hop, modern dance studios, ballet studios, and even summer programs have been developed for you! Since the focus is taken away from the break-neck aerobics aspects and instead leveled on the element of personal expression, there are several levels of classes available – beginners, intermediates, and also experts will be able to learn new moves and round out their individual style in the supportive atmosphere of the dance studio.

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