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Are you passionate about wanting to learn Russian? Have you ever dreamed of being able to speak this language competently and fluently, just like a native speaker? Do you wonder what it would take to do so? Sure, you could enroll in some language classes that will undoubtedly give you some rudimentary understanding of the language and that will permit you to learn Russian from the convenience of your hometown. You may even choose to go ahead and take an online course which will introduce you to the Russian alphabet, some grammatical groundwork, and also a lot of very useful vocabulary.

However, if you want to learn Russian like a native speaker your best bet is to join a program that will include some time abroad in Russia itself. Several exchange programs exist that will permit those who have a working knowledge of the language – or even those who may have received no schooling at all – to stay with families or obtain inexpensive rentals units to live in the country while they learn.

Who likes to learn Russian this way? Anyone and everyone! Students may be teenagers, college students, retirees, or simply those who are combining a hobby with a vacation. The stay is relatively inexpensive, when compared to a vacation cruise for example, and the ability to experience Russia and hone your language skills is a once in a lifetime opportunity you will not want to pass by. Quite possibly the only flies in the ointment may be the Russian winter – which is notorious for its merciless temperatures and may seriously inconvenience any traveler who is not accustomed to such temperatures – and the process of obtaining a visa. The latter is a time consuming effort, and if you are ready to make your Russian trip a reality, be sure to start the process early enough to not be caught of guard by any delays.

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