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Many people are learning second languages today for both work and fun. Some people may want to learn Italian because they are of Italian heritage. Some people want to learn just a few Italian words and phrases because they are planning a trip to Italy. The method with which you choose to learn Italian may depend on much Italian you actually wish to learn.

There are many different ways you can learn the Italian language. If you do an Internet search, you can find many online sites that teach Italian. Some even allow you to learn certain words and phrases free. It is important that they offer links you can click on to hear the exact pronunciation of words. It will be harder to learn Italian if the site does not offer pronunciation help (unless you just want to learn to read Italian). If you want to learn the Italian language more extensively, you may need to pay to access a web site that teaches Italian and offers access to online tutorials. But, be leery of web sites that are asking a large access fee – your money may be better spent purchasing materials locally.

Many people prefer to visit their local bookstore to purchase tapes or compact discs to learn a new language. These are great to listen to at home or when you are driving around town and many come with booklets or workbooks for you to practice writing Italian. You can even check out your local library for tapes and compact discs to learn Italian. If they are available, you can check them out free.

Finally, you may want to check at your local university or college to see if they offer a course to learn Italian. You will get plenty of practice speaking and writing Italian. And you have the assistance of the teacher, if you need to ask questions. In addition, you have fellow students on which you can practice your new language skills!

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