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Law Degree

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A Law degree is one of the highest educational challenges and tends to pay off not only financially, but intellectually. A law degree is not only for those whose dream is to appear in court or to want to a career like the characters on “Law and Order.” Most lawyers do not actually practice law, but use their law degree to enhance their existing careers. Companies see those with a law degree as an asset, since legal issues permeate almost every aspect of our lives. Therefore, a law degree can be an asset in any field, even in the arts.

Obtaining a law degree is regarded as a challenge, and rightly so. Many people feel that their experience in law school is intellectually intense, but it has its rewards. Most law degrees employ the case study method of learning, which requires gleaning legal principles from studying actual cases. This educational method requires a lot of reading and critical thinking abilities, all of which are required in a legal career. Most students find the first year in law school the most demanding and the third year is also a busy time, since students are studying to pass the bar exam to earn their law degree.

You do not need to have a pre-law major to apply to law school. Even actors and artists can get into law school if they have taken the LSAT and have decent grades. You do not have to choose which area of law you want to concentrate on before you enter law school. Your law degree will enable you to study specialized areas such as bankruptcy, tax, torts, corporate and environmental law. These electives usually allow students to narrow down their decision and to find a specialty while obtaining a law degree.

These days, those who want to earn a law degree can do so online or in a regular classroom. Although many students find the traditional environment of the classroom socially and intellectually stimulating, other students prefer the flexibility of obtaining a law degree online.

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