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Kindergarten Lesson Plans

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In college and your student teaching days, you learned about kindergarten lesson plans, but you had the guidance of your professors and your teacher mentors. Now, you get to face a class full of wiggly five and six year olds whose attention will stray if you are not adequately prepared ahead of time. What exactly goes into the preparation of these kindergarten lesson plans?

First of all, even the best laid lesson plans can go awry. And sometimes, that is when you stumble over a great way to teach your students in a way that engages them. When this happens, try and incorporate that successful “oops” into your kindergarten lesson plans. To be an effective teacher, there are the essentials that should be covered in your curriculum that you teach. Your school will provide the core requirements that are necessary to your kindergarten lesson plans, but it is up to you to implement those requirements in an engaging manner.

If you need some example kindergarten lesson plans, there are a number of websites and teacher forums where you can find the help you need. If there is a certain subject that you are weak in like math or science, you can find plans that pertain only to those particular subjects. You can also find kindergarten lesson plans which integrate multiple subjects using the same theme.

Be sure when you look through the various kindergarten lesson plans, you find that they integrate effective methods of teaching. For example, state the purpose of the lesson. Kindergarteners especially love to ask “why” all the time! Next, show the students how to work on their lessons and they will model their behavior after you. Use the “hands-on” approach in your lesson to keep them stimulated intellectually and walk around the room, playing attention to each student and stepping in when it is necessary to correct something.

When you see one of your students do something correct with their assignment or even their behavior, commend them publicly. Kids that age crave compliments! Be sure to challenge each child and get them asking the “who, what, where, when and how’s” to develop their critical and reasoning skills. When you incorporate these methods of teaching into your kindergarten lesson plans, try using checklists so that they are easy to refer back to each point to ensure you covered everything in a particular lesson.

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