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Kindergarten Curriculum

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Teaching kindergarten curriculum can be fun and entertaining. There are many important things that children in kindergarten need to learn and many of them will take the patience of the teacher. Kindergarten curriculum will teach a variety of things such as simple social skills and basic coordination skills. It is up to you as the teacher to teach these skills to your students and monitor their progress throughout the school year. You will probably be filling out report cards that will report to the students’ parents how they are doing regarding these specific skills.

Kindergarten curriculum usually includes teaching your students basic social skills. Some of the things that will need to be taught will be things like sharing with other students and taking turns. Some children have never been around many other children until kindergarten so it takes them some time to get used to it. You need to monitor how your students do in social activities and be sure to praise them when they do well and when they show improvement.

Also included in kindergarten curriculum are basic coordination skills. It is important that children learn basic hand-eye coordination. Skills that they need to possess are things such as learning to tie their own shoes. Coloring is a great way to help improve their hand-eye coordination as is doing activities that use scissors and require students to have to cut things out. Also learning to write their own name is another way to increase their coordination skills.

When teaching kindergarten curriculum you will need to evaluate the skills you are teaching them as well. On their report cards you can note how well they are doing at certain activities, whether it is good, fair, or it needs improvement. Always be sure to not when your students have improved even if they haven’t quite arrived yet. Encouragement goes a long way towards helping your students excel.

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