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Ivy League Schools

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There are eight schools in the Northeastern section of the United States that are referred to as Ivy League schools. Ivy League schools have their origin in athletics. Though today they are prized for their academic excellence. The Ivy League schools have derived their name from the ivy plant that was known to grow on the alls of these schools. The eight Ivy League schools are: the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Harvard University, Yale University, Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, and Dartmouth College. Though Ivy League schools are wonderful academic learning institutions that thrive upon excellence; they are known for their fierce competition amongst themselves.

Not only are the Ivy League schools excellent learning facilities, they also boast large land areas and a large financial pocketbook. In fact, many of the Ivy League schools are not just financially set; they are some of the wealthiest schools and universities worldwide. The wealthiest university is Harvard, followed by Yale with Princeton coming in fourth.

Over the past one hundred years, the Ivy League schools have led the way in athletics, with many of their students winning competitions in a number of different areas at the state and national level. Most of the teams have been competing against each other and their sports competitions have become a national event.

Many films have depicted the athletic themes of these schools, while showcasing their academic skills. In fact, many who wish to attend an Ivy League school must begin preparing for their journey while still in their early years. Ensuring that your child has the best opportunities available in life is one of the most important things that any dad can do. Prep schools, extra curricular activities, and a strong devotion to excellence will help your child to be prepared for the admissions process.

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