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The concept of a home school has caught on more than you might have imagine. Currently more than two million children are part of home schools and this figure is set to grow at a rate of anywhere between 7 to 15 percent annually. Contrary to belief home school youngsters are treated on par with their formally-educated counterparts. Many parents tend to wonder if they are making the right decision in having a home school for their child. Such parents should put their fears to rest for with a little patience, and commitment you can succeed in home schooling your ward.

What matters is the child’s education and not yours. Just because you are not as highly educated as you would have liked to be does not mean that you are not good enough to home school your kid. In today’s world where violence does not spare schools, a home school is one place where children are assured some security. As a result they also act as a shield against exposure to drugs and alcohol. Statistics indicate that more than a third of regular school students admit to drinking at least once a month.

Home school has also been found to be more effective in building stronger family bonds and fostering spiritualism. Joining a group of home school parents is a good idea since this can help you learn more about the process. It also means you have some place to seek advise or any helpful tips. There are many groups available online too. Subscribing to some books which deal with issues related to home school can also be helpful. You can try home schooling for about a year and see if you and your ward are both benefiting from the experience. If so, you can continue with home school but if not convinced that it is the best for your child you can then look at other options.

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