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Once you make the decision to have your child schooled at home the first step for you is to find out how to go about it. Home school material can be according to the curriculum prescribed or even custom made. Ask someone who has experience in home schooling before buying any of the home school material. It is essential for you to know what your child’s interests and needs are.

Also make sure that the home school material fits within your budget and does not play havoc with your finances. So long as pride is not an issue you can get some second-hand books or hand-me downs in good condition at very cheap prices. Also should you buy new home school material make sure to pass it on to someone else who might not be able to afford it. The type of home school material used is dependent upon the approach chosen. Most of these provide material for reading, writing, spelling, graphs, and the like. Special or extra material can be obtained on request or by paying more.

The traditional approach involves the textbook approach with emphasis on reading, writing, and grammar through drill and practice. The classical approach involves more focus on language abilities and study of literature becomes very important. Unit studies involve studying a particular theme in several disciplines. The last category known as child-directed is that in which the student is encouraged to pursue his or her own interests.

As for other ways of obtaining home school materials, there are many organizations that lend out the necessary stuff which may or may not require a small nominal fee or even a membership to the organization. There are also many online websites which help facilitate the buying and selling of new and used home school material. Home school material catering to specific religious beliefs is also available.

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