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History of Education

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No longer is education a privilege of the affluent. No longer are only men allowed to attend universities and get degrees. No longer do students have to walk miles to one-room schoolhouses that teach all people of all ages the same material. The history of education shows many great advances in the area.

At one time in the history of education, you had to be a man of considerable wealth to be fortunate enough to attend school. At other times, minorities and women were kept from attending school, despite their standing in finances. Today, this is not the case. With attendance at school being made a requirement in most countries of the world, you no longer have to worry about being stopped from attending school because of your financial standing, race, sex (unless it is a male or female only school), or any other characteristic you may have. Schools are no longer allowed to discriminate based on these things. Financial aid is now widely available to aid those less fortunate in getting a higher education.

Schools themselves have also evolved greatly throughout the history of education. With the advance of computers, you would be hard-pressed to find a school that does not offer a computer class or computers in the classrooms. Some schools today, especially colleges, are even having students bringing laptops to class to type their notes on. There are also televisions in many classrooms to watch educational programs or movies on.

One room schoolrooms are no longer the norm, either. Schools today are filled with rooms and hold classes not only by grade level, but also by achievement level. Some schools have classes organized so that no student needs to feel they are in a class that is above their level of comprehension. There are tutoring programs available, as well as special education classes and one-on-one attention. Students also no longer need to worry about walking miles to get to school because school buses are offered to pick them up.

Education has become very important in today's world, and the history of education has brought about many changes that have improved our schools for the better.

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