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History Lesson Plans

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When you are teaching history it is important that you have history lesson plans for your class that are challenging, informative, and exciting. Many students are of the opinion that history is boring and they do not need to learn it and it is your job as the teacher to challenge that thought. You as the teacher need to come up with history lesson plans that can bring history alive to your students and also show them how important history is today.

It has often been said that if you never understand your history you are in danger of repeating it. Your job as a history teacher is and important one and you can keep history from repeating itself by teaching your students history in a way that will interest them and make them remember it. You history lesson plans should bring to life the history of long ago. You can bring historical characters you are studying about to life by dressing up as a historical person and coming to class and speaking to your class as that person. You could also have a guest come in pretending to be a historical person and have them speak to your class.

Another way to bring history alive is to take your class on field trips to historical reenactments that may be nearby your school. Also making use of media options and movies is a great way to make history more real to your students. To get your students involved in history it may be good to incorporate student skits into your history lesson plans so that they have the opportunity to act out an event in history. Any way that you can find to involve your students in history will go a long way to them remembering the information they learn in your class.

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