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High School Wrestling

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High school wrestling is a sport in which many young men like to partake. Unlike basketball where it helps to be tall or football where it helps to be stout, almost anyone of any size can be a good high school wrestler.

You should be familiar with some of the basic moves of high school wrestling if you are thinking of trying out for the team. The basic rule of high school wrestling is that the wrestler who can pin his opponent will win the match. The takedown is the move where you take your opponent down to the mat. The breakdown occurs after you have gotten your opponent to the mat, but you need to break him down a bit more to get the pin. If your opponent lands on the mat, but he is face down, you will want to use the crotch lift to try to get him on his back for the pin.

The gut wrench is another move that can be used to turn your opponent from his face to his back. In order to pin your opponent, you must have both of his shoulders pinned to the mat. Once the referee blows his whistle, you will know you have succeeded in pinning your opponent. Your opponent will also be thinking of ways to try to pin you while you are trying to pin him. If he is trying to pin you, you can use the bridge. This is a move where you arch your back away from the mat to prevent a pin. Many opponents will use a headlock. The headlock move is where you wrap your arms around your opponents head in hopes of being able to turn him on his back. You will need to watch headlocks and make sure you gather your opponents arm as well as his head. If not, you may choke him and choking is illegal in high school wrestling. An arm bar will put pressure on your opponent, forcing him to turn in the direction you want. The half nelson can be used to try to turn your opponent as well. This consists of you putting your arm under his armpit and your palm against the back of his head. The cradle is a move where you literally cradle your opponent, looking for an opportunity to turn him on his back or just make him so angry trying to get out of it, that he exerts all his energy.

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