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High School Sports

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Hockey, volleyball, basketball, football, track and even wrestling can be enjoyed in high school. Most sports can be vigorous, requiring the participant to be in good health. Many schools require a physical examination by a medical professional. And some schools have students complete what is called a Participation Physical Exam, where they will be expected to honestly answer personal health questions, like, any prescriptions currently in use, or any problems associated with physical exertion, such as passing out, or dizziness.

High school sports are nothing new. They have been enjoyed by participants and fans for a long time. For instance, the first track contest happened all the way back in 1873, at Princeton and since stretching into high schools everywhere. Football is even older, beginning in 1869, and roughly resembling rugby. Regardless of its beginnings, it is probably the most popular of the high school sports. Volleyball followed basketball by four years, in 1895, originally played by only men. Today it is enjoyed by a large number of both male and female high school students.

And what about wrestling? Is it a modern day sport? Hardly. Its beginnings go all the way to the Olympics, in 708 B.C.E. High school students particularly enjoy communicating with personable participants.

High school sports could not be complete without mentioning the history of coaching. Coaching has been around for centuries. It takes a special personality to bring out the best performance of a team. Not surprisingly, professional coaches need to have a degree in physical education before coaching high school sports.

High school sports require a great deal of extra curricular time not only to practice, but also to participate in competitions. The athlete needs to be diligent about personal habits in the way of eating, exercising, as well as getting enough rest to maintain enough strength and energy to perform in his/her sport of choice.

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