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High School Musical

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Among all of the extracurricular activities that take place in school, perhaps one of the most important and recognizable is the high school musical. Usually this is performed by the schools’ theater group or choral group, along with the high school orchestra or band. Often the musical is a famous Broadway musical such as Oklahoma!, A Street Car Named Desire, or many other popular choices. Often many celebrities can be seen on videotaped footage performing in their high school musicals. This can very frequently be a building block for young singing, dancing, and acting talents. Recently a very popular Disney movie was released called High School Musical. The movie chronicles the lives of several teenagers who are getting ready and practicing for their very own high school musical. In fact, the movie was one of the highest grossing DVDs to sell in its first week of release. This just goes to show how much of a milestone the high school musical can be.

If your child is getting ready to be a part of their high school musical, see if you can assist them with practicing their lines or singing. Offer to help read the part of someone else so they can say back their lines. This is not only a good memory builder and great practice, but it can give you quality time with your high school student. Some schools will provide costumes to the students, while others ask that everyone make or buy their own. It usually depends on how flamboyant the musical will be. For example, if this year’s high school musical is The Wizard of Oz, the school will most likely have props and costumes. If it is a period piece such as My Fair Lady, students may be able to pick out their own costumes. This can be a really fun experience for your child, so offer to go with them and help them pick something out for the musical.

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