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High School Football

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Boys love sports and one of their favorites is football. During high school most boys fall into two categories, either they play football or they wish they did. However, high school football isn’t just for teenage boys anymore. Many schools are now introducing touch football leagues for girls.

The benefits of high school football fall well beyond the boundaries of the field. Although most parents, particularly mothers, will cringe at the thought of their sons playing football, there are many more positives than negatives.

Although some children do get hurt in the course of a high school football practice or game there are many safety precautions in place. Each player is expected to wear their protective equipment each and every time they go onto the field. Most coaches have a strict no play policy in effect that restricts players who aren’t prepared. If you aren’t dressed properly, you simply won’t be allowed to participate.

There is also a sportsmanship expectation in place with most high school football teams. All players are expected to respect each other and if they can’t uphold this requirement, they can face being removed from the team. This teaches the children that every player on the team is equal regardless of athletic ability.

Children who play organized sports, like football, are also expected to keep their grades up. This can be a wonderful motivating force for boys and girls who are less enthusiastic about schoolwork and more interested in sports.

Any type of sports activity is great for children. It not only allows them the chance to interact in a team environment but it also is positive for their health. Children who are active on a regular basis have less chance of facing weight problems as their enter adulthood.

Although parents certainly shouldn’t push their child into participating in high school football if they have little interest, they should support them if they want to take part.

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