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High School Diploma

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Do you hate school? Have you thought about dropping out? Or as a parent do you find yourself trying to convince your children of the virtues of finishing at least a basic 12th grade education. If so, you aren’t alone. In some neighborhoods over a fifth of kids don’t complete high school. It’s no surprise increasing delinquency is higher in children who don’t receive a high school diploma.

Benefits of receiving your high school diploma are, possibly better opportunities in the work field in obtaining a job, better starting pay, perhaps a more secure future, self satisfaction on completing high school, as well as an open door to furthering education in the career of your choice.

The benefits of obtaining a high school diploma can be seen in the popularity of GED alternatives. It is never too late to change your personal course, and many older folks are taking advantage of this method. Some take classes where they can benefit from a personal teacher or tutor. Others find that with busy lifestyles some sort of online course works best for them.
History shows that with the advent of World Wars 1 and 2 it was considered respectable to forgo obtaining a high school diploma in favor of serving in the armed forces, or necessity called for underage children to enter the work force to help support their family. However, this has resulted in problems for many of these self-sacrificing people. Some states have recognized their disadvantage by offering World War, Korean, and Vietnamese veterans free of charge, honorary high school diplomas. Many have taken advantage of the program.

In today’s technologically advanced era it will be increasingly hard to make it financially without at least, a high school education. Young minds learn easier before bombarded with responsibilities of adult life. Why not take advantage of youthful vigor to obtain a high school diploma?

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