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High School Cheerleaders

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High school cheerleaders are often seen as some of the most popular girls in high school. Part of the reason may be that many high school cheerleaders possess certain personality traits that make them popular. Cheerleaders are often bubbly and smile a lot, which tends to make even the shyest person open up and be more comfortable around them. Cheerleaders are also just what their name implies – leaders. Cheerleaders are often involved in other school activities, which exposes them to more people and allows them to make more friends.

But there are other skills required of most high school cheerleaders. Many schools expect their cheerleaders to maintain a certain grade point average (GPA) to ensure that cheering does not interfere with their studying.

As you might expect, there are also many physical attributes that a high school cheerleader must possess in order to make the cheerleading team. Before the beginning to the school year, tryouts are held to choose the cheerleading team. Because cheering is a highly physical activity, it is expected that cheerleaders be able to perform jumps. They must also perform stunts that show that they have agility and balance. High school cheerleaders must also exhibit rhythm and coordination as well as the stamina to be able to cheer for an extended period of time. Physical endurance and physical fitness are a very important part of cheerleading. In addition, girls wishing to make the high school cheerleading team should have clear diction and strong voices. There is no such thing as a quiet cheerleader!

You may have a high school daughter or son considering being a cheerleader, but they not have all the skills needed to make the team. There are cheerleading camps that can help them learn the needed skills. You may also consider enrolling your child in a gymnastics class to help them work on their agility and coordination.

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