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Health Lesson Plans

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Health is an important subject and teaching it well is also important. As a health teacher you should develop health lesson plans that will prepare your students for health issues they are going to face in their lives. Students should learn how to live a healthy life and what they can do to keep themselves healthy and physically fit. When developing your health lesson plans it is important that you keep the lessons on a level that is appropriate for the ages of the students you are teaching.

An important thing that you can incorporate in your health lesson plans is nutrition. It is important in today’s society where many children and teenagers are dealing with obesity that they be informed about what proper nutrition is. Starting with the basics such as the four food groups is a good place to get started. It is also a good idea to talk about physical fitness at this time as well. You can encourage your students to exercise and teach them the benefits of exercise and the techniques of exercise as well.

Many schools will also ask that you incorporate sex education into you health lesson plans, depending on the age level. Make sure when teaching this type of subject that you are aware of your schools curriculum and requirements along this line. Many schools will require permission from parents for their students to participate in this class and this topic can be a sensitive issue with parents so it is important to be careful when teaching about this topic.

A couple great things to bring into your health lesson plans, especially for older students, are First Aid and CPR training. Many times you can get trainers to come into your classrooms and give First Aid and CPR training to your students for free. You never know when there could be a medical emergency and helping your students learn these important lifesaving measures is a great idea. No matter what age group you are teaching keeping your health lesson plans fresh and fun is important to their education.

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