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Teaching students about government and how it works is an important job and making it interesting is not always easy. Being familiar with how government works is an important thing to know especially as your student will get older so developing government lesson plans that are not only interesting but also very informational and helpful is important. You should be sure to include the basics of government and the history of how it all came about in your government lesson plans but always remember that you must make this information relevant to today as well. When you teach your students about the Constitution, that was written so many years ago, you need to explain why the Constitution is so important to us today and how it affects our government today.

Not only is it important to keep your government lesson plans relevant to government today but it is also important that you do something to spark an interest in your students. Much of the information you give them may seem dry and boring to them but making it more exciting by having them participate in things like mock elections and mock sessions of congress can get across important information while being a lot of fun. You can also hold mock trials as well to help them understand how the judicial system works.

Another great thing to incorporate into your government lesson plans is having guest speakers. Bringing in a judge or a person in local government to speak to your class can be very exciting to them. Also field trips to visit the capital building in Washington D.C. or trips to observe a local courtroom can also prove informative and exciting. If you can, take them to a place where they can become familiar with a voting booth and how it works. Most importantly make sure that your students not only gain head knowledge from your government lesson plans, but also practical knowledge about government that will help them throughout their life.

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