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Golf Schools

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There are thousands upon thousands of people who love to play golf. And there are just as many who love to watch people playing golf. There may come a time when you want to stop watching golf, but begin playing. If you are serious about playing golf, and want to take top of the line classes, there is a way to find top golf schools in America. You may be able to find local golf schools in your area, but if you want to have state of the art golf instructors, going to prestigious golf schools may be best for you.

The Advantage Golf School offers the most personalized and customized learning programs. There are 16 locations nationwide and offer one to one student/teacher ratio. Their locations are mainly at top golf resorts. Another golf school that has state of the art facilities is the Grand Cypress Academy of Golf. This golf school is located in Florida at the Grand Cypress Resort. It is instructed by top 50 instructors Fred Griffin. He and his staff use modernized technology to help you improve on your golfing schools. Regulation size practice holes are used as well as covered hitting areas with Model Golf Computerized instruction studios. Every staff instructor is on Golf Digest’s top teachers in Florida list.

If you are a woman who wants to learn how to play golf, there are golf schools that cater to the needs of women. The Pine Needles Learning Center has instructional legend and pioneer Peggy Kirk Bell who created a golf learning wonderland in the Pinehurst area. Under the Golfari program, it offers women golfers with programs dedicated entirely to their unique needs. Not only are there women only programs, but the Pine Needles Learning Center offers individual and family programs.

There are many more prestigious golf schools in America that serious golf going people can attend to. With research and patience, you will surely be a golfing star in no time.

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