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Geography Lesson Plans

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When developing geography lesson plans it is important to keep them from being dry or boring. Studying other places and other cultures is exciting and it is important that you as a teacher portray that excitement to your students. It is important to incorporate the use of maps into your geography lesson plans. Maps are important tools and it is important that your students learn to use a map correctly as well as be familiar with a globe. When teaching geography you want your students to have knowledge of places and their location in the scope of the world.

It is important when teaching geography and making your geography lesson plans that you not only teach where a place is located but your students should also learn about the culture as well. Learning about local customs in different countries and showing differences and similarities between your own country and the ones you are studying are helpful. One fun way to learn about a different culture is to learn about their food. Bringing in the food of a different country and letting your students taste it and learn about it can be fun and educational. Also dressing up and celebrating a holiday that is celebrated in another country can teach your students more about cultural differences.

Another great idea to incorporate in your geography lesson plans is research time in the library. Letting your students pick a country that they are interested in and having them do research projects and presentations will give them an opportunity to learn about something they are interested in. Have your students get creative in their presentations, encouraging them to learn about as many aspects of that country as possible. It is a good idea to have them turn in a research paper but to let them have fun with their presentations, such as using skits or music from their country of choice. Using fun geography lesson plans can help your students learn more effectively.

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