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Free School Supplies

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Back to school costs can be and usually is staggering. Clothing, new shoes, coats, hats and gloves as the weather changes, and school supplies can eat up resources fast. Many families are needy to begin with and parents sometimes feel overwhelmed and burdened. Yet, their children need supplies in order to study and learn.

Perhaps you can benefit from local organizations providing free school supplies for deserving children. It may require getting up early and standing in line, a lot of patient waiting with other parents and children. But there are non-profit organizations that combine their efforts with those of other organizations, such as social service agency to provide children with their school needs, including pencils, rulers, paper, notebooks, and even back packs.

Parents are usually required to show some sort of proof of their address, as well as their children’s social security cards. Usually, these supplies go fast, so be sure to get an early start.

Where do these supplies come from? Many local businesses make donations, and there are grants for just this purpose. History shows that when children have the proper school supplies they stay motivated in school. So, these grants and donations are well spent.

It’s not uncommon for school teachers to spend their own money to help needy students obtain necessary school supplies. And who can deny the benefits of loving grandparents rallying to the cause.

Individual children aren’t the only ones benefiting from free school supplies. Entire schools have been blessed with boxes packed full of free text books, notebooks, pencils, crayons, paper, rulers, scissors, staplers and other items. Sometimes even computers are donated.

People everywhere recognize the need to feed the mind as well as the body. Education promotes better living. Thank goodness for those who fill the needs of many children, providing them with free school supplies.

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