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Florida Home Schools

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There are many Florida home schools since home schooling is legal in the state. Nearly 60 percent of Florida home schools function under the Home Education Act of 1985. Under this Act Florida home schools are allowed to have instruction in ballet, gymnastics, sports and music among others. Others register with 607- 617 or 623 private schools. In this case, though schooling takes place at home, these students are considered private school students and are not required to register individually with the state.

As per the state laws Florida home schools cannot include children other than your own. When you decide to commence teaching, however, there are a few formalities that need to be completed. These include sending a notice of intent to the school district superintendent, maintain a portfolio of records, make your portfolio available for inspection by the superintendent if required at 15 days notice, submitting each child’s annual evaluation to the superintendent, preserving the portfolio for two years and submission of a letter of termination upon completion of your home education program or if you move from the county.

Also the law requires submission of notice of intent from age six to sixteen. Florida home schools have access to a wide range of resources at the regional level as well as the local and district levels. State laws describe Florida home schools as is “sequentially progressive instruction of a student in his or her home by his or her parent or guardian.” The Florida Parent-Educators Association (FPEA) is the largest network in the state for Florida home school families.

The FPEA is a non-profit organization which gives families access to information and connects them to other similar-minded families. The organization’s contact persons are available at all the different districts. The FPEA also recommends the types of books to use when starting a home school study program for the first time.

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