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Environmental Education

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Environmental education is quickly becoming an integral part in how the student views the world. Both industry and the public are greatly affected by environmental changes and how those changes can impact the world around them. Therefore, having this type of education offered at your school is becoming a necessity with each passing day.

However, trying to pay for this education can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Below are a few tips in trying to obtain grant money for this type of education at your school.

Tip # 1: Offer Specific Goals

One criterion that is often not met by those applying for environmental education grants is that they don't make clear what their specific goals are. The goals that you present should be based on sound science, and should illustrate ways to enhance critical thinking or problem solving by the students.

In other words, a grant proposal that sets a goal of allowing students to study the interaction between acid rain and plant life by direct experimentation with maple tree seedlings and rain from the Mississippi water shed would get more attention than one where you simply state that you want to study the affects of acid rain.

Tip # 2: Submit the Application Materials in the Correct Format

Another aspect of applying for an environmental education grant, especially from the United States Environmental Protection Agency that many people overlook is the format requested by the grantor. Often environmental education grants have very specific criteria in formatting and order of material that should be followed.

Clear directions are usually given, and if they present you with some unclear items, be sure to call the group offering the grant for clarification. With potentially thousands of dollars on the line for environmental education, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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