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Teaching English can be a lot of fun and you can bring that fun to your classroom with exciting English lessons. At first your students may wrinkle their nose up at English class but a good teacher can make English class fun and educational. Coming up with colorful worksheets for your students when working on parts of speech can make this a bit more exciting for them. Make sure that when you teach a new lesson about a new part of speech that you do plenty of practice questions with your students before you turn them loose to do their worksheets or send them homework on that subject. Try to be sure they understand their new English lessons well.

It can be fun to come up with games that you can use to review their English lessons. Before a big test on parts of speech playing a game such as jeopardy or “who wants to be an English major” can be enjoyable and help your students remember important lessons you have taught them. Associating their English lessons with something fun will help them remember what they’ve learned in a good way and will result in improved test scores.

When teaching English lessons it is also a good time to introduce new vocabulary. More than likely in the reading they do in your class they will come across words they are not familiar with while reading. It is a good idea to pick out words in their reading that they may not know well and use them for vocabulary words. These words should be reviewed every day and the students quizzed on their definitions. If the students are not familiar with the words they are reading they will not understand as well, so vocabulary is very important. No matter what aspect of English you are teaching if you have an upbeat attitude about what you are teaching that attitude will carry over to your students.

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