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Elementary School Curriculum

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Any elementary school curriculum contains the same basic structure. Reading is generally the highest priority in any elementary school curriculum. This helps your students to develop phonics, vocabulary, fluent reading, writing, listening skills, and a whole host of other skills. This is the basis for all subjects across the board.

At appropriate grade levels, the elementary school curriculum will introduce math concepts. These will include numbers, patterns, word problems, telling time, monetary values, as well as simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. As the students’ get older the elementary school curriculum will introduce equations, pre-algebra, and geometry.

Every grade level in any elementary school curriculum will have some kind of science, even kindergartners will learn some simple science. Social studies is very important in any educational program. Your students will study the family aspect and their community, as well as the history involving their state and government.

No elementary school curriculum would be complete without physical education, music and art, character education, and computers. Physical education will give your students a good basis for health and wellness that they will carry with them throughout life. Music and art will bring out their creative side. Character Education will teach them to be responsible citizens with principles of honesty, responsibility, courage, and respect for others. Lastly, they will be taught how to use computers and the internet. They live in a computer world and this will help them function in it.

Any elementary school curriculum should make learning as exciting as possible. If the teachers are excited about their subjects, then they can better excite their students about the subject. The curriculum should be designed to use and enhance your students’ natural curiosity. It should emphasize the basic academic disciplines. The students need to be provided with a wide range of stimulating, challenging experiences and you can gear your activities to develop independence and academic, social, and physical skills they will need to succeed in life.

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