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Elementary Lesson Plans

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Young children keep you on your toes, especially if it is in a classroom setting. As a teacher, you have to keep things interesting for them or their attention wanders and they become bored in class. And as every elementary teacher knows, boredom breeds disruptive behavior. So nip those problems in the bud before they happen and revamp your elementary lesson plans.

Because you have to cover a certain number of subjects every day in your school-based curriculum, it might be a smart move to use one particular theme and carry it through all the subjects in your elementary lesson plans. For example, if you are studying about sea life in Science, perhaps you can carry that over and incorporate counting sea creatures in Math and studying about Sea Explorer Jacques Cousteau in History. These close ties in the theme allow kids to make better connections in their studies.

There are a number of websites online that specifically cater to teachers looking for elementary lesson plans. You can do searches based on the specific grade level you teach. In addition, if you are lacking ideas in a specific area, you can search for elementary lesson plans in one particular subject. Be advised however, that before you implement any of these plans in your classroom, make sure that they follow your school’s core curriculum.

In addition, your elementary lesson plans should incorporate some effective teaching mechanisms that will keep your students engaged. First of all, clearly state what goal you want the students to achieve with a certain lesson. Second, students learn by example. Show them how you complete a project and they will model their behavior after yours. Create interactive lessons to keep the students actively participating. Have your elementary lesson plans reflect methods to get the kids asking questions which will help develop their critical thinking skills. And finally, reward positive behaviors with praise. Students love compliments and if others witness this, chances are that their behavior will improve too.

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