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Education Technology

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Today technology is important to every profession. Even jobs that are labor intensive are now becoming associated with more and more technological equipment. It is fitting that one of the most important professions, teaching, should encompass the latest education technology.

We’ve come a long way from the days of projector and a white wall. Today, we have PowerPoint presentations, DVD lessons, computers, connections via satellite, and software that allows students to attend class across internet connections. Though these advances in education technology have created new options for teachers they have also been somewhat overwhelming. Many teachers have had a ton of equipment to learn how to utilize.

However, it is important that teachers continue to use education technology. This is not only to help teachers in the classroom but also to expose students to technology that they will need to master in their careers. Students will benefit from watching their teachers using the latest education technology and should even use it themselves on occasion.

The only way for teachers to keep up with the advances in education technology is continuing education. Fortunately, educators are currently required to obtain a certain number of continuing education credits per year. This is the best way to keep them current on education technology and other teaching trends.

It is so important for Americans to keep up with education technology so that we can adequately compete with other countries. Countries like Japan have had rapid increases in their technology. To compete with other countries we need to expose our children to the latest technology at a young age.

Education technology is something that we are going to hear a lot more about in the future. It is something that is very important to each student and it is constantly evolving. The costs of education technology may be high, but the price of not having education technology may be even higher.

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