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Education Technology

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As a teacher, you definitely want to offer your students every opportunity to succeed and grow as individuals. Today, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of education technology. The question, becomes however, where does a teacher find the necessary resources to implement the various types of technology out there? Below are a few of the resources available to teachers.

Resources on the Internet

One of the best resources for education technology available to just about every teacher out there is the International Society for Technology in Education, or the ISTE ®. This is a not for profit professional organization that has worldwide members that include leaders and the up and coming stars in educational technology.

This group is dedicated to providing the support and information that is needed by the teachers in the trenches. In addition to offering technical support, they also offer their members great networking service as well as leadership guidance in incorporating the various forms of technology into the classroom.

Another resource for education technology that is becoming very useful for both the experienced teacher and the beginner is that of E-Schoolware. This online resource for online education is a great source for online systems that interconnect educators, students and administrators that can streamline everything from the learning process, to planning and reporting. Their web-based solutions offer more flexibility and more comprehensive solutions to help your students achieve in areas where this technology can be of service to them.

Utilizing this technology to help your students advance is just one way you as a teacher can bring a little more brightness into the world. There are number of resources out there, and these are just two of the ones that can be easily found on the internet with a few simple searches.

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