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In the age when communication and technology have meshed almost seamlessly, it’s not surprising that educational content has become a huge technological category. The education software market is just a part of the techno-training and learning movement. As small as the market is when compared to other educational technology, it is enormous.


The first education software was a flight simulator created for training pilots. It’s expected that technology and training would merge in a field like flight technology. What may not be expected is that this flight training program made its appearance during World War II when large numbers of people needed training quickly. Naturally, this type of training was not available for use in homes or conventional classrooms. There is still specialized training technology that is only available at training centers, the workplace or in government classrooms.

In Schools

The growth in school computers has led to an explosion of education software designed for school use. Nearly every subject offered from pre-school to doctorate programs has a good selection of software to choose from. Some classes use education software on CD-ROM, while others use online software. Materials on CD-ROM can be accompanied by written materials including quizzes.

Subjects such as world languages and history are good candidates for this method of delivery since the material doesn’t change very often. This saves the school the cost of additional internet connections as well as avoiding the problems of monitoring students’ surfing habits. Frequently updated materials are perfect for online software.

Reference sites are very valuable since the students can be assured of the latest information accompanied by links to safe sites with high quality materials without having to replace entire sets of books.

At Home

Similar software is available for home study. Young children can receive some education while playing special games. Students who want to supplement their school education can find software that offers classes that may not be available from their school or is presented in a manner that is easier for a specific student to grasp. Parents can have a library of reference materials that don’t take up much space. Some parents can even use software to home school their children.

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