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Education Grants

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Education grants are the single most important option for funding a college education if your parents cannot afford to pay the total bill. Fortunately, the process is not very difficult. In fact, it is similar to filing your taxes and there are instructions attached to ensure that you are well informed.

The first step in applying for education grants is to gather your tax information for prior year. If you are under 25, do not have children, and are not married, you may have to obtain your parent’s tax information as well. This will be the case for most traditional students applying for college straight from high school.

The next step in applying for education grants is to fill out a Federal Application For Student Financial Aid or FASFA. This document looks similar to a tax document and is filled out in a similar fashion using your tax information and information about your plans for education.

You will find that it is now possible to file your FAFSA online. This is a simple process that allows you to save your data and finish the application for education grants at a latter time. You can also take your tax information to your financial aid office and they will help you file your FAFSA.

The last step is to sign your FAFSA. If you used your parent’s tax information or your spouse’s you will need to have their signatures as well. If you filed your application online, you need to either print a signature page and mail it in, or request a pin number. This number will be sent to you by postal mail. When you receive your pin you can complete your application by simply typing in your pin number. This pin number will be the same for each FAFSA or renewal FAFSA while you attend school.

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