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Early Childhood Education

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Early childhood education is beneficial for persons who hope to work in a pre-school or childcare setting. Although a degree is not necessary for obtaining employment in an early childhood setting, courses and training received through early childhood education will equip teachers and employees on how to handle common issues affecting pre-school children and toddlers. Course instruction generally consists of heath, nutrition, early childhood behavior, child psychology, childcare programs, creative activities, and so forth. Those who complete an early childhood education program can effectively implement their training in the classroom.

Individuals interested in early childhood education may obtain an Associate degree or Bachelor's degree in early childhood development. Persons who complete a degree program are eligible to teach in a childcare facility or function as the childcare director. Because early childhood education also includes courses on administration of childcare programs, many students who complete a degree in early childhood development choose to open and run their own childcare facility. For the most part, there is grant money and loans available to assist. Once completing an early childhood education program, many graduates continue their education and obtain a teaching certificate from a four-year university.

There are several advantages of obtaining an early childhood education degree. For starters, young children need stable and dedicated teachers. Working with children is extremely rewarding. Furthermore, those who complete degrees in early childhood education may be eligible to have their student loans forgiven. This option is only available to a limited number of teachers. To qualify for early childhood education loan forgiveness, teachers are required to teach in low-income school districts, and be employed in the district for at least five consecutive years. Teachers who meet the qualifications are eligible for 100%, or partial loan forgiveness. Some student loan lenders do not offer loan forgiveness. To learn about eligibility, student should contact their individual lender.

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