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Driving Lessons

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Giving driving lessons to teenage drivers’ education students can be a daunting task for any teacher. It is definitely not easy to get in that car and relinquish control of a vehicle to a 15 or 16 year old student. Probably the first thing you should remember when giving driving lessons is to be relaxed and calm yourself so you can keep your student relaxed and calm as well. You should never assume when you get in the drivers education car that the student is already familiar with everything in the car, so go ahead and explain the basics of driving such as the brake pedal and gas pedal, and where the turn signals are. Before you let your student take the car out of park be sure that they realize that driving is not about fun and games but should be taken seriously and carefully.

When giving driving lessons there are a variety of techniques a student needs to learn such as parallel parking, and how to back up accurately. Make sure you give detailed directions to your student for doing these techniques and at times it can be helpful if you actually show the student by doing it once for them to see. If a student makes a mistake do not panic and ream them out, but calmly point out where their error was and let them work on the technique again.

Giving driving lessons can require a lot of patience. Some students may have already had a lot of practice and may do very well at driving already, but for some this may be their first time driving a car at all. Make sure you explain all details thoroughly and accurately and make sure you have your students studying their drivers’ manuals and textbooks as well. You attitude will affect that of your students so be sure that you always are calm and do not overreact to mistakes or you can cause your students to panic, which when driving could cause serious problems. Keeping yourself and your students relaxed and calm is very important when giving driving lessons.

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