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Department of Education

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Education has always been one of the top priorities in the US, because without education we cannot utilize our full potential and resources.

History of the Department of Education

Since 1867, the US has formed and reformed many elements of the Department of Education and despite the many differences and changes, one thing has always been the same – the emphasis that no child should be left behind no matter what. Due to this policy, several steps were taken along the years.

Here are some facilities available through the Department of Education:

Buses are available to transport children at no cost from home to school and back in order to ensure that all kids can attend school even if their parents are unable to provide for transportation.

Online home schooling is available to children with special needs such as mentally and physically impaired students who cannot attend standard schools. Home schooling is accredited by the US government and therefore an official way of attending school.

There are a large number of online degrees available today with which you can complete and enhance your career and education. From an Associate to a Bachelor’s or Masters Degree as well as Doctorate programs are made available by reputable universities.

The Department of Education makes available all types of student loans with which schooling is made possible for everyone who wishes to educate him or herself and build a better life, and was unable to do so because of a lack of financial assistance.

The Importance of Education

Today more than ever, education plays a vital role in our lives. If you want a great career and a social status to enjoy, you will need to complete your education. You and your family will profit from the education acquired to make a better life and career.

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