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Dance Lessons

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Whether you have a child who wants to take dance lessons or are looking for yourself, you have a number of options to pursue. First of all, what kind of dance lessons are you looking for? There are ballet, jazz, modern and tap dance. How about belly dance lessons to impress a significant other? Maybe you are getting married and want to have a really great “first dance” at your reception. You could take ballroom or line dancing too!

First of all, word of mouth is the best resource. Ask the parents of other children that take dance who their instructor is and where they take dance lessons. Sometimes, if you find an instructor thanks to friend’s referral, not only will you get a discount, but also your friend who sent you there will too! Open to the yellow pages in your local phone directory and look up “dance lessons” or “dance instruction.” You can usually find a number of options to choose from like formal dance studios or individual dance teachers.

The internet is also a great place to search as well. If you wanted to take salsa dance lessons, just type that into a search engine, along with the city and state where you live. Chances are that you will get some recommendations that way.

Check with the local universities, community groups or continuing education centers for dance lessons. Often times, there are classes offered in a variety of subjects including dance lessons. And thanks to a number of reality television shows, dance lessons and other artistic endeavors are on the rise.

When you have narrowed down your selection of dance teachers to a manageable few, be sure to ask for references. Also inquire about previous accomplishments. You want the dance lessons to be taught by someone with a great reputation.

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