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Dance Classes

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Dance classes are immensely popular, and with good reason. Everyone can stand to learn how to be a bit more graceful, and dancing can also be a great workout for someone who would otherwise never step foot in an exercise center. Dance classes are offered in every genre of dance, from ballet to hip hop, for nearly every age group starting as young as around age two. There are dance classes for newcomers and seasoned professionals alike.

Many people seek out dance classes not only for the exercise aspect, but also because these sorts of classes can be a great social outlet. It is difficult to not strike up a conversation with a dance partner even if the two have never before laid eyes on each other. Dance classes can also result in a big boost of confidence since social settings often result in some form of dancing; a dance student will feel more confident in approaching someone to ask them to dance if the student actually has some sort of idea of how to move and not look silly.

Dance classes can be expensive, and for some this is a major drawback. Many dance studios also insist upon students paying outrageous fees for recital costumes, regardless of if the students plan to participate in the recitals. This is simply another way for dance studios to make money, and if a student wishes to avoid these sorts of fees it would probably be best to either seek out private lessons away from a studio or to stick to classes offered by colleges. There are many students, however, who thrive on the thought of performing in front of a live audience, and for them the cost of recital costumes are a small price to pay for the opportunity to strut their stuff. Dance classes are definitely great for exercise and confidence boosters, so it is no wonder that people are willing to pay large amounts to attend.

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